Wednesday, April 17, 2013


With the temps pushing the sixties and seventies on a more regular basis, it's a sign that summer is getting closer to knocking on our door. The bursts of color are now the rule rather than the exception and, after I write this, we're taking the puppies for a frolic in Prospect Park - and leaving the long sleeves behind.

I have friends from New Zealand arriving this week - so glad that the weather is putting on a good show.

Enjoy - there's nothing better than a beautiful spring in New York!

Union Square Farmers Market in full bloom.

A little bit of China Town pushing its way through Soho.

One thing I've always loved about America - the unbridled patriotism.

Potted hyacinths in Herald Square looking and smelling divine.

Hands down the best deal on Broadway. Fishs Eddy - one of my favorite stores.

Spring demanding to be heard over the noise of 34th Street.

Fresh seafood literally going out the door in China Town.

Tulips on Broadway

Little Italy, a tourist drawcard in Soho. 

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